Jorge is completely right about getting the exposure right. Unless you nail the print exposure, it will just give all of us pt/pd printers a bad name :^) Seriously, I use the term 'rescue' only in the sense that you might get something interesting enough to delay throwing it in the trash for a few weeks. The magic 3D look that Jorge talks about is definitely a phenomenon that requires your technique to be consistent, and yet also demands a lot of luck to make it happen. Seemingly insignificant factors such as ambient humidity, drying time, and who knows what else can sometimes combine to give you a print that is so absolutely gorgeous that you feel you are some sort of photo-giant. Then you try to make another print of the same negative the next day, and while it is 'pretty close', it somehow never gets that extra 5% magic that strikes like a bolt from the blue every now and then. You begin to understand why people have 'artist's proofs'. Save the REALLY good ones for your kids!