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Thanks all of you. They are just basic budget (strobe) lights made by a company called Quantuum, here:


So what can i do with them?!

Ideally i could take portraits (with umbrellas) and enable the background to not be too dark too.

Or maybe i need to get different lights :-s
My first studiolights were 2 300ws. I used them with umbrellas and 60 x90cm softboxes. I primarly shot full body on models. 90% of the time I had them set on minimal output. I guess people here shot iso 25 and f/16.

200ws is good enough for starters. When you upgrade, get a stronger and the 200ws will be good for hairlights, fill, background etc.

Ps. It's worse to have 2000ws where you cannot go low enough and need ND filters.