Looks like you have a couple of Zorkis (Leica clones) and a couple of Kievs (Contax clones) - I don't know anything about the Zorkis specifically as I don't have any, but camera B looks like a Kiev 4a (no meter) with a Jupiter-8 50mm f/2 lens - I have one, and I have been very happy with it; it takes some nice pics for a camera that's as old as I am! The other Kiev has a Jupiter-12 35mm lens - the frame lines in the viewfinder only cover 50mm, you would need a turret finder to get the 35mm lines, or just use the edges of the viewfinder and guesstimate

With these former Soviet cameras there is always a question of quality control - sometimes you get a good one, sometimes you get a lemon... good sites for info are Nate's Communist Cameras (www.commiecameras.com - seems to be down at this time, temporarily) and The Kiev Survival Site (http://www3.telus.net/public/rpnchbck/). If you need take-up spools for the Kiev, I have a couple of spares I could post to you if needed. All in all, a nice box of kit - oh, don't forget that the #1 rule of these cameras is to never change the shutter speed without cocking the shutter by winding on first - especially when going from fast to slow speeds... it's a mechanical issue. Enjoy!

Here's a neg scan from my Kiev 4a - I guessed at the exposure