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I honestly don't get the negativity displayed here. It's not like the guy is asking for money just to hang his photos in a gallery, ... He's trying to celebrate and inspire people to shoot film before it's gone forever, ...
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Hey, I'll be glad to do this, too. Everybody just send me $15,000.00!
I wasn't being entirely factitious. I would be glad to be an evangelist for film if someone else is paying for it. Artists have been asking people for money for forever, but usually in the form of grants or private solicitations of a sponsor/patron. Just putting up a website saying "send me money" seems a little lazy, that's all.

Plus, his price is a bit high and he is making some assumptions. Namely, that without his efforts, film will, indeed, die.

Seriously, good luck to him, but the proposal just seemed a little over the top to some of us.