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Thank you so much for all your advice, I would like to spend around $1000 and would use it to shoot street photography and landscape, I'm thinking a M3, any advice which is best?
The M3 is a fabulous camera, and I think the best of the older Leicas for 50mm and longer. But 35mm is one of the most popular focal lengths for Leica, and is compromised on the M3. The M2 has the 35mm frame lines and still performs excellently with a 50mm. The M2's compromise is at the longer end; 90 is okay (not as good as on M3 though) and it does not have 135mm frame marks.

Most Leica M users tend toward the shorter focal lengths where a rangefinder camera is at it's best. I prefer the classic 35/50/90 frame line set up, and would appreciate an M3 as a second body for 50mm and longer. If you don't want a 35mm lens, it is not an issue. You can of course use 35mm lens on the M3 with and external finder, or the bug eye versions made for M3.