I exposed close landscape scenes with Konica IR at EI=12 through a Wratten #29 (deep red filter -I wanted no colors other than far red and infra recorded). I might have used 8 except my spot meter won't set that low. I will admit some trepidation in focus due to the shift, but I used the setting on the KO 90mm Hexanon and a wag as to the foreground/ background dof. A tripod was essential (as usual). I'll admit to doing a little bracketing. Development was in D76 1:1, 8-1/2 minutes, 20 deg. C., (according to data found in the Massive Development Chart).
Everything is in relatively sharp focus. The dream-like feeling
is there without that fuzzy-wuzzy pictorialistic "look" which I find
disturbing. I am also surprised at Konica's tonal range. The negative is a
bit harder to print than I first believed. The tonal range (11+ zones?)
exceeds the ability of the VC paper to produce a "straight" print of
"normal" values. I had to use a Kodak #3 filter and then do a bit of
dodging and burning. I gotta get a web site to show these things. I have
put some prints on APUG and maybe I'll post one of these prints in the Technical Gallery soon - if the computer doesn't die and the scanner and.... Boy chemical photography is GREAT!

Truly, dr bob