Hi all -

A few years ago I bought what looked like a really clean Masterpiece 500TX press for a song. I had to separate the platen from the base just to move it into my home. Well, it has sat for a few years and now I am ready to use it. I looked closely at the black finish on the heating surface, it has a fair amount of adhesive stuck to it, which I am sure could be removed (have already been at it for a few days) - but I see that the framing shop I bought it from let someone scrape the platen with a razor (honest - it wasn't me). There are plenty of scratches and sections of finish missing.

Since the press I replaced with this one did not have this black finish, I was thinking, rather than working for days to try to get the old adhesive off, why don't I just use a random orbital sander with some brillo and buff off the finish (and the adhesive)? I always have used a sheet of 2 ply mounting board and a sheet of release paper over my work when mounting anyway.

Has anyone been thru this? Thoughts?