Thanks to all friends...when I started to get interested in photography, about ten years ago, I settled up a very very little darkroom in one little bath in the house where I live, and I printed a lot of images in 35mm and 6x6 just to gain ability and control in the process, never being able to reach a good or satisfacory level. (I'm speaking only b&w actually, never tried to print anything color). Unfortunately, I have to say that (surely for my fault) I prefer the resuts I'm able to obtain using an hybrid workflow. So at the moment I'm developing by myself 35mm, 6x6, and 4x5" b&w & C41 and then scan them with an Epson 4880. I still have the enlarger, by the way, and I'm sure that, sooner or later, I will try a second time, hopefully with better results !
I'm not able in this moment to post anything on the gallery, and even to watch other's images, probably I posted too little messages to gain access to the function, am I supposing right ?