[quote=All the chatter about revised development times for "new" vs. "old' Tri-X is really just that - a lot of chatter. With D-76/ID-11 diluted 1+1 the recommendation for "old" Tri-X is between 10 and 11 minutes. For new Tri-X the recommendation is for 9.75 minutes. We are not talking about a huge difference here. Personally I've just stuck with the "old" Tri-X developing times for the film and it works just fine. Unlike TMax films, Tri-X responds much more gently to slight elongations in processing times before things get really ugly.[/quote]

This sounds good. I plan to stick with TX (not TXP) for 120 work. However Kodak has stopped making TX 4x5 sheet film which agrivates me. It was always my favorite. I guess I'll have to turn to Ilford, again. I just do not like the Tmax films - they lack something which may be grain, but I like to refer to it as "heart".

Truly. dr bob.