You are correct in saying it isn't rocket science but beware of reversing some elements that seem to be similar on both sides, watch out for shims as they are the critical adjustments done at the factory. Some lenses have paper thin brass shims you may be over looking in the seats. Watchout you don't chip the edges of some elements in deep seats as you lift em out. When cleaning with alcohol, be careful not to wash off the edge blackening.

Otherwise, go have fun. I always inspre people to take an adventure n learn someting new.. most of these lenses are more than abundaant n cheap as dirt. The worst that will happen to a broken or filty lens is it will still be broken or filthy when you are done.

The hardest part, as mentioned above, stuborn screws n parts that strip n self destruct in the process of dissasembly.

Did I mention the time traveler that snatches parts n never puts em back, messin with the time contineum, when it comes time to put it all back together, missing parts? That tiny ball bearing, a single screw, flipped elements out of order?