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Is the machine set up to do KS1870 or BH1866? And does it have any endorsing capability or will you be edge printing in a separate step?

(Looks like you could run 100ft rolls right on that machine as long as you used 2 inch cores)
The machine is set up to perforate Kinopositiv or also called "regular camera film", Type P.
In order to do type N we need to change the perforating tools and recalibrate the punching head.

The edge marking of the film numbers and brand is done by the black drum on the lower right (there are two drums, one for 24 exp. and one for 36, the one for 36 is fitted with film). The clicking sound the machine makes comes from the edge puncher of this roll. The punch is then read out by the spooling machine so it positions frame number one correctly at the beginning of each film.

The spooler is sitting next to machine only temporarily for testing purposes on this wagon shown.
Later it will be next to his two brothers in a room with dimmed daylight so we donīt have to do all the work in the "dark" (we have IR goggles and IR lamps).

There is also a silver drum in the middle of the machine. This is for the film number (quality tracking) and it used to mark the word "safety film".
We are actually conisdering to mark "safety film" again because it carries the spirit of the 60ies.

Spooling 100ft rolls on this machine will kill you in labour costs. You need a more flexible machine for that.

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