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I would buy an MP that had only 35/50/90
Well they're out there but a bit on the expensive side - an MP3.

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Long story short: I'd leave it if it doesn't bother you and I'd have it removed if YOU want it gone. Don't worry about sale prices.
Good advice. I use two 0.72x mag Leicas with 35/50/90 framelines and enjoy the simple viewfinders but I also use a fully "framelined" 0.85x for longer lenses and I use a 75/2 on that. If I was using one body I'd leave the 75 lines there as they don't bother me if I'm using a 50 on the 0.85x mag body. However you're considering removing them so it's an issue for you. Get the framelines removed so you can enjoy the camera the way you want to.