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I thought about this for a couple of weeks... my first reaction was to get angry...
Then i realised... it doesn't really matter what film you use at the end of the day. What matters is capturing that moment in time, the beauty of the natural world...

I lost interest in photography when Kodachrome was discontinued but now have a renewed optimism about photography in general. I'll use whatever film i have in the cupboard/fridge/bag. I'm over caring about the product/gear/film... the only thing that really matters is the end result. We have Fujifilm and countless other products (dare i say too many) to choose from. Go out and use them TODAY while the opportunity is there. Tomorrow isn't promised to you.

Here's an image i took in 2010. I hope i can inspire or encourage one of you to just go out and shoot with whatever you have on hand. Don't get caught up with all this negativity. (Ama Dablam after sunset, November 2010 - Nepal)

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