I agree with most of the responses, that there really isn't time in a one day first visit to really appreciate where to point the camera. So point it everywhere and don't worry about getting that perfect landscape shot. Take lots of photos, yes, but don't let that distract you from spending time appreciating the place. Don't sit it one spot, instead, find several, get a feel for the place. Plan to come back with a plan and a week if you wish.

I like the valley floor in the early morning.

Regarding your film, my only comment is that it doesn't feel like a Tri-X location to me, but that's probably just me. At Yosemite I like color and fine grained black and white. I might suggest saving the Tri-X for the San Francisco streets - but be careful waiving that big expensive looking 645 around in the middle of the city, especially in the Mission and Market Street areas (where the Tri-X grain seems most appropriate to me...)

I'm sure others have perfectly good opinions that are opposite of mine... ;-)