Well since you asked... I am still waiting to hear you can provide your Classic paper on a 30 inch by 100ft length platform.

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Thanks for all the cheers. I guess I must post more of this stuff which I will gladly do. What do you want to see next?

Thanks Randy for the interesting report about the film splicers.
The machine can run at a maximum speed of 10 meters/minute.
30,5 meters/minute...I guess you need more pins.

Here was another question:

The machine has meanwhile been put in place.
If you want to see it run click http://www.adox.de/BUKO_Filmperforiermaschine.mov (Apple quicktime movie- hope you can see it all. I checked it and it worked fine on my MacBook).

We donīt currently plan to make 24 exposure rolls and our 100ft roll spooling machine has lost itīs brain (the Siemens S5 controller inside was without battery for too long) and we need to reprogramm it.
Stupid but happened :-(

So to answer your questions: 36 exposures CMS 20 rolls will probably be the next.

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