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I've noticed everything I have ordered on FleaBay costs way, way less (sometimes as much as 70% less) and takes less than the time it would for a retailer locally to get something in their hands and this is the crux point for me. On your point of additional cost and speed of delivery by mail, both agree with my observations.

On first landing there, it looks like AUD$250.00, shipped? I think I'll toddle over to Walker Cameras and splash some cash. Shame I won't be able to play with it at the Noojee dig, but no sweat, Little Zero my multiformat pinhole will easily cover the gap. Maybe we'll see an entry from you Marc on Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day on 29th April?
Surly you should be getting a Zero Image 75B 4x5 pinhole to match the 6x6.....and its only $179.00Us plus shipping