I wouldn't read too much into the price increases. Technical labor costs are rising, as well as the cost of the commodities associated with manufacturing things like this. For a long while, the cost of manufacturing some tech object in Asia was low; that is changing quickly. Plus, the currency fluctuations have been pretty severe of late, and companies with a lot of export business will want to cover themselves and will price for the worst case.

I'd suggest that you think about these things as consumables that you will use and get immediate value from, and any resale value you get is gravy. Some people buy pricey lenses and keep them in velvet boxes as a long term investment... but if you take into account inflation and the tendency for cameramakers to obsolete their own products, there is seldom any money to be made that way. (there are much easier mays to make bank in photography) Just buy what you need and enjoy it!