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$$$ Wonder if film prices will spike, especially if its sold with processing included. Be careful what you wish for...

How far away is April 1?
Depends on the film and how much it spikes. I just paid over $10 a roll for ten rolls of E100G. I'd gladly pay $20 a roll for Kodachrome 64 with processing included. I'd not pay more than, say, $25 though, not while E6 films and processing are still readily available (and processing IS readily available - you may have to send it out; I'm fine with that and do it all the time anyway.)

$50 Drew? Ouch, yeah, not many would pay that. But isn't 8x10 Ektar already something like $10-$13 or so? $20 a sheet for 8x10 Kodachrome processing included doesn't look that bad compared to those numbers.

Still, I'll be happy to get it back in 35mm.

While we're all getting high on the prospect of a return of Kodachrome, get them to run some type R paper for all those chromes too. Happy days again...

(And then I woke up - but it still could be a good thing ultimately, just maybe not THIS good.)