Virtually all of these sunsets would have been boring if shot in color. It sounds stupid to say it but the trick is not to look at the color.
Look at the sunbeam shining off the water. Look at the silhouettes. Throw on a red filter to highlight the clouds.

Forget color. Any idiot can use his iPhone to snap a picture of a colorful sunset. It takes a master like you to turn that sunset into a work of art.

Sunset is all about the time when day turns into night... When light turns into dark.
It just so happens that you have the perfect medium for capturing the difference between light and dark: Black and white film!

Stick People by Randy Stankey, on Flickr Beach Bubbles by Randy Stankey, on Flickr

Lifeguard on Duty by Randy Stankey, on Flickr Kayak Sunset 1 by Randy Stankey, on Flickr