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OTOH a few companies sell 70mm reels intended for medical lab use. The reels are MUCH cheaper then any 70mm reel labeled for photograpic use. The only problem is no daylight tank I know of will handle them. So it's a dark only thing.
Hmmm. I have one of the large Nikor 4x5 size tanks (without the 4x5 cage, unfortunately, but with a pair of 220 reels that have the heavier wire and wider space between turns common on standard 120 reels); it's tall enough for four long-roll 35 mm reels, and about 50% larger diameter than a standard stainless tank. Are these 70 mm reels too tall (they should fit in most 2x135 tanks), or too large in diameter (if so, they'd probably fit the Nikor and might fit some plastic tanks as well)?