It just makes sense. This has got to be similar to what companies like ADOX are already doing. It's a production volume issue - Kodak either couldn't or wouldn't spool down fast enough...and nearly lost it all by trying to "hang on" to a non-existent market. They have made some great products, and I will support them whenever I can with my purchases. The more competitive they get, the better the future of film will be.
Heck, if they would just advertise Film's GOOD properties a little, I'm sure you'd see at least hundreds of thousands in the U.S. dust off their film cameras and join the new "too cool to shoot a digicam - so I shoot film" trend. It's all in perception and right now the majority of most sample populations, say my patients (for example) think that digital is "better" than film. It's newer, so it must be, right? New patients are shocked - and I mean blown away when they see the 20x30 B&W print I have my wife's 35mm ADOX CMS20 neg in the office reception area. You can literally keep walking right up and put your nose in it, and the detail increases, it doesn't turn to mush when you stick your nose in it....
You can tell the old timers who "know" photography when they walk up to it and ask her if she shoots LF or Hasselblad. They are in disbelief when they find out it was CMS20 in a Minolta XD-11.

Now, if Kodak could get that and other quality information about film out in a way the general population would understand . . . a LOT of people would shoot film again just because it's "cooler" or insert whatever feeling they get here, from the Ads and articles they read on the subject. Nearly every article in every photography magazine, journal, book, online sources, etc claims that digital blows film out of the water. And let's face it, it's good at some things, most of us have used it. But, Kodak needs to do an advertizing blitz about the SOUL of photography and blah, blah about film being awesome...and voila - you will have a run on film, guaranteed. Marketers don't call us all "sheeple" for nothing. They need to get some GOOD PR machines working for them. Believe me, they exist hardcore in this country, I don't know why Kodak is not using them.

I really hope Kodak starts going this way with their production, and we will see film from them for years to come!