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$500 for a box of 10 8x10 sheets of Kodachrome, processing (GOOD processing!) included, to use in my restored-like-new, glistening black Calumet C1?

I might bite.

But only if there were 4x5 sheets available for me to practice on first 'til I was ready to swallow really, really hard...

Fifty bucks a sheet??? Maybe you would, but how many other people are on cra...er, would?

Right now 8x10 is between $8.49 a sheet (Provia 100) and $13.95 (E100G and all gone, but the price is still listed) at B&H. E-Six lab here in Atlanta charges $6 a sheet for 8x10. That makes it between $14.49 and $18.95 per sheet. If I shot 8x10, and I agree the availability of Kodachrome and good processing might be another spur to do so, I could see maybe $10 more at $25, but not $50.

And those figures don't tell the whole story, because I have a Jobo as a lot of other photographers serious enough to shoot LF color probably have that or better, so I could do my own E6 much cheaper. I don't, because I don't shoot it in sheets and it isn't worth the small savings to me in 35mm and 120, but I certainly could.

Sheet film Kodachrome is a pipe dream. I agree, a fun one, but a pipe dream none the less. If we can keep current emulsions and get E6 ones back, maybe some of the most missed black and white (HIE, maybe Plus-X) we'll have plenty of reason to celebrate.