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Fifty bucks a sheet???
Why not?

What if someone offered you a chance to visit the Titanic in person? Or spend a weekend on the ISS? Or even walk on the moon? Or anything else that maybe you'd have given anything to do in the past, but were born too late to have ever had the chance to try or do?

And then - miraculously - you suddenly and unexpectedly got the chance?

Would you do it? Or would you let a piddly $50 - $25 = $25 stop you dead in your tracks? Freeze you up so hard that you'd stand pat while the chance of a lifetime passed you by? Just stand there quietly and do nothing but watch from the sidelines?

If the age of the Earth were represented by the length of a football field, the average human lifespan would be equal to 1/67th the width of the average human hair. If Kodak were to reintroduce Kodachrome on special order status for 8x10 sheets I'd jump on it so fast I'd probably knock you over. And the comparison shopping price of a sheet of 8x10 Provia 100 could not hold less relevance to me.

Once they close the lid and shovel in the dirt it gets awfully cold and quiet. And stays that way for an awfully long time, my friend...