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I never liked those 8"x 10" Paterson contact-printing frames. Everything looks too crammed up onto a single sheet of paper.

The Paterson Pro-Proofer/Copy Board is a much better buy. http://www.patersonphotographic.com/...m-details1.htm

I much prefer to make contact sheets with 12"x 9.5" papers for 35mm and 120 rollfilms using a sheet of glass from a photo-frame. The negatives are placed in transparent negative storage sleeves first.

For 35mm-36 exposure films, I cut them into six separate strips of 5 negatives and then a final strip of six negatives.

Using 12" x 9.5" papers for contact-sheets makes choosing which negatives I want to enlarge much easier IMHO.
12"x9.5" paper? The only way I'm getting that here would be to cut down 11x14. I've noticed you seem to have choices of paper sizes over there that we don't. (12x16"? I didn't realize it until now but I just checked and I can at least get Foma and Adox in 12x16. Since I use Adox MCC 110 that's good to know - but way too big for a contact sheet. Just a nice size slightly larger than 11x14 but cheaper and easier to handle than 16x20.)