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The late Barry Thornton took a great B/W sunset - I think it is in his book 'elements'

Also Dave Chamberlin in his book "The Creative Monochrome Image".

I always reckon colour photography is much easier than black and white. With only shades of grey you really need good composition and imagery - you can't dazzle with daglow.

So... maybe see it as a challenge?
Respectfully, I think the opposite is true. You only need to look at how many people convert shots to B&W, and apply "film grit" effects to see that for many people B&W = Art, and therefore any photo looks better in B&W. Also B&W hides exposure mistakes better, and just generally looks more like "proper photography" to a lot of people.

But back to the OP's question, I think it's worth at least trying some colour, there are some lovely BW nature shots in this thread, but I do think that nature has the ultimate colour palette, and it's a shame not to use it.