Joe that dulcimer image is great!

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Excuse my ignorance, please, but could this "film/paper" be somehow used as a medium to do direct printing of slides in the darkroom? Would it be possible to project the 35mm slide (color positive) onto this directly and then process it, and have a B&W enlargement of one's slide made? Thanks for any info or telling me I'm way off my rocker here is fine too...
Sure, you can do that, although the paper probably isn't as red sensitive as you'd like; if you can find sensitivity curves for it then you'll see what I mean. I have made perfectly acceptable paper negatives from slides using ordinary (red insensitive) photo paper. So... definitely try it, you will probably like the result. If reds don't look right, try projecting through a green or blue filter, it may help.

Note that you can easily enlarge your slides onto panchromatic b&w film and then contact print the resulting negs... another route that works very well.