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I know of people using a Leica rangefinder for weddings. I'm very attracted to this minimal approach, but I'd like to shoot MF.

The problem is...I can't seem to find any MF rangefinder that have a lens faster that F3.5.

As an alternative, I'd be interested in a 35mm rangefinder that offers faster glass speed if no options in MF exist. (Can't really afford a Leica right now.)

Can anyone comment?
The trouble with rangefinders is focusing. To build a MF rangefinder, using glass fast enough for something like an f/2 max aperture, you would have a HUGE lens that would likely interfere with the rangefinder itself, and that's in addition to focusing such a beast with razor thin depth of field anyway.

I'd go with 35mm if I were you. I use a 35mm Nokton f/1.4 on my rangefinder, and comfortably shoot TMax 3200 @ 800 hand held indoors after dark. Max aperture gives me about 1/15th s exposure time. You may wish to invest in a monopod; they don't get in the way much, and will allow you exposure times down to about 1/8th s or even 1/4 s if you're really steady and have a 'cool' hand.