I've only been home developing for a year or so and feel like I'm just scratching the surface. So far I've used Fuji Neopan 100 & 400, Ilford HP5 and Tri-X 400. Today T-max 400 was on sale so I bought some (120) and picked up a bottle of Kodak T-Max developer. I was shocked by how expensive it was. Until now I've only used Fuji Super Prodol and it is much, much cheaper and available in powders.

So I guess the obvious question is, what kind of results would I get if I used Super Prodol on T-Max? The MDC doesn't have any data for this combo. I've heard that T-Max requires it's own proprietary developer to get optimum results, but then others say that's just marketing hype.

And one more beginner question. The instructions on the T-Max developer say to dilute it 1:4 but on the MDC I see various times for different dilutions. If I want to save money by diluting it thinner than 1:4 and using longer developing times should I expect significantly different results than doing it by the book?

All help greatly appreciated!