I am not an industry insiders. I am a small town CPA in the Texas. I've seem many companies and several industries come and go. Kodak has several viable and broken business under the umbrella named Kodak.

The only one I am interested in is the film business. Kodak's issues is one of size. There manufacturing plants and machinery is too big and too fast what has become the new sales volumes. We see several other player in the market place, and FreeStyle seems to investing to keep the hobby/art alive.

I can only think that Kodak's brass is going to find a way to stay in the film market. It can be a very profitable business center.

I plan to shoot film for long time. I will be shooting Kodak B&W. I have faith the some business leader will step forward to right size the infastructure to keep Kodak's film business going.

Small Town CPA