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What I am guessing from the responses is that framing is not a big deal (Lee L) and that the 21mm CV is can be coupled (Ole), but of course not on the Bessa L. Even though the 21 is coupled the aux view finder is still needed for framing and its view finder has some form of parallax indicators (Lee L).
Just to clarify, I think Ole is indicating that the C/V 21mm couples to the camera body rangefinder for focusing, not to any known parallax-correcting in-camera viewfinder frames.

Since all the C/V bodies' accessory shoes are designed to seat auxiliary finders directly "above" the lens, they only need parallax correction in one dimension, up/down for a horizontally oriented shot. So they are simpler in this regard than the typical built-in parallax correction lines for most rangefinder bodies, which have both horizontal and vertical offsets between lens and finder to indicate. All of the C/V accessory finders with bright lines (this excludes at least the 15mm finder) that I have seen have parallax correction marks for 1 meter. Go to the cameraquest.com C/V accessories page on finders for good information on which finders are bright line and which aren't. Gandy's information is pretty comprehensive, including the finder magnification for a number of the finders.

Any of the C/V lenses at 25mm or wider should include an auxiliary finder in the price when ordered new from a dealer.