Good morning;

Some eek-Bait surfing produced two (2) copies of the 1961 Bell and Howell/Canon Canonet 19 Rangefinder 35mm Camera that arrived here yesterday. One of them was dropped and there is a serious dent in the left end of the top, but that one has the mustly working shutter assembly in the lens; only the slow speeds (1/8th to 1 second) are not working. The second sample is in better cosmetic shape, but the shutter does not move at all. I guess it is time for a CLA.

It was interesting to note how quickly a lot of memories from the early 1960s came back when I flipped the lever on the film advance down, and began to swing the lever on the bottom of the camera with my left thumb to cock the shutter mechanism and move the film transport system.

Oh, yes, one of them still had a roll of Kodacolor-X in it. The case also has Customs inspection stickers from Bermuda and the United States on it. I am wondering if developing the roll in C-22 chemicals will produce photographs of someone's vacation back in the 1960s.