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Change of contrast did enter my thought. But the scene already has plenty of contrast so I don't want it any higher. I don't want it any lower either so I am confident that the global contrast is right. That leaves local contrast..... Would higher contrast look "brighter?" I'm not sure. (probably NOT is my current thought)

I use Omega D2 so no technical issue concerning warming up.
Me too, I don't think I need to change contrast. The lighter print "looks good" on Grade 2 (so the "local contrast" is correct). Perhaps what I need to accept is that the area under the awnings in the patio is essentially a "low contrast" scene. There isn't an obvious "shadow" to key to pitch black. So what ends up looking good is a photograph without a black key.

And maybe that is what galls us, we keep demanding something black, so we print down to black and make the print "dark".

Well, maybe not every print needs something black.