Post your advertising ideas here!

I keep seeing a few advertising ideas here and there in the threads. Just for grins and giggles, post them here!

An SD card (like 128Gb) is falling through space. There are pictures and movies from it flashing about. The card finally falls into sofa crack or sidewalk crack. Film cartridge falls next to crack, rolls over crack.

Inside a messy drawer, looking from back out to front. Hand frantically searching about drawer, sometimes touching SD card, sometimes not.
Kid's voice: "Mom, I need those pictures for school!"
Mom's voice: "I'm looking! I'm looking!"
Grandma's voice: "Here, honey, how about these? These are prints from film..."

A show of historic negatives and their prints. Data retention span: over a century and counting, by design.
A show of not-so-historic pictures from an SD card. Data retention span: five to ten years, by design.

A couple of hands with point and shoots, side by side, users are not seen. One is film, one is 12Mp digital. After shots, show comparison, with enlargements. Digital image goes to pixels, drops color in low light. Film images go to grain and retain color, still look good.
"Film: bringing you what looks good."

How about yours?