Has anyone had a problem with Tri-X acting underdeveloped, when normally exposed and developed? I just bought a fresh 100 ft 35mm bulk roll. My first roll was developed along with a factory packaged roll in D76 1:1 at my standard time (medium contrast) of 8 min, 15 sec at 68 deg (shot at ASA20). The film from the bulk roll requires a #4 filter to yield correct results, while the factory roll prints well with a #2 filter as usual.

I processed a test roll under various lighting conditions at !0 min 30 seconds and the results look good. I never process film this long unless the contrast is extremely low such as with fog in the scene. For comparison, most of my work is done with Tri-X 120. Times for brightly lit subjects are as low as 7 minutes. These usually print well with #1-1/2 to #2 filters. I agitate vigorously.

I am thinking that the bulk roll may be defective. Any thoughts?