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I wrote a long message here regarding my experiences with Vanbar over the years but deleted it. Perhaps they are better to deal with if you are able to walk into their store. Suffice to say although I will purchase things from them, I now only do so as a last resort.

My chemicals are still sitting in the UK and it doesn't look like Parcelforce will ship them so I have asked Matthew at Ag-photographic to see if he can get them back. Bummer
I have had two lots of chemicals posted from A-G photographic last month, both 5 litre kits. One took less than a week to arrive, the other 2 weeks. If you order B&W chemicals apparently they are more problematic for Matthew at A-G photographic to send. So I ordered the B&W chemicals from PRA in Perth and guess what? Been waiting for 4 weeks. So I contacted them last week and it will be another 3 weeks for delivery. I too have given up on Vanbar.