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Considering 2 of the high points in aperture preferred cameras. Both classics. Which would you choose and why? Don't worry about glass, this camera will hitch it's wagon to a 50mm lens only.
Lots of interesting reading here. Was fun to go through it. Here's my best advice: forget all the nit feature comparisons. Lie down in a quiet, calming room. Close your eyes, and imagine yourself with that strap around your neck, that hunk of metal resting on your chest. First, while relaxed, imagine that chunk of metal has "Nikon" emblazoned on its face. Imagine a deep voice in an echo chamber, saying the word, "NNNiiikkkoonnnnnn". Now do the same exercise, fully relaxed, same chunk of metal, with "Olympus" on its face. The deep voice chants "OOOlllyyymmmmpppuuuuuusssssss".

Which experience made you *feel* better?

That's the camera you're going to take great pictures with.