I am unsure whether this had been asked before. But here it goes.

I am reviewing my options for mounting photographs for book making as I have access to a hot press now.
I have no prior experience dry mounting.

Is it possible to dry mount photographs on thick (about 300 gr) handmade archival paper ? Paper would be Fabriano, Arches or Somerset. Or can only one dry mount on mount boards?

Would this alter in anyway the flatness of the paper? What would the other reverse of the dry mounted paper be like? would the dry mounting create a relief or a contraction of the paper?
Can the dry mounting be neat, to hold the edges of the photographs (printed on FB) absolutely flat, with no visible sign of material from the dry mounting material around the photograph.

I read that the dry mounting tissue has to be cut about 2 mm shorter than the photograph, I am wondering whether this would not create a contraction somehow of the edge of the FB paper. I observed this when assemblying books when the very edge of the photograph is not glued to the paper.

As this is for bookmaking, I am looking for an impeccable finish.

Of course, one runs tests, but I would like to have your input as to the feasibility and the expected rendering before starting to look into dry mounting.

Many thanks for your input.