It is possible to dry mount on thick paper since it is commonly done on mat board but I would test first. The heat setting would depend on the mounting tissue used.
After mounting the paper/print should be cooled under a dry mounting flat plate.
I have never cut the tissue short. I have always tacked the tissue to the print and cut both simultaneously with a very good rotary trimmer. Then tack three corners of the tissue to the paper. Let it all heat a bit before closing the press. It is best to use a release sheet and have 2 ply board between the platen and the release sheet print and page.
Be sure to test because the temperature dial may not be accurate.
When placing the print on the paper remember to account for the binding process. Also if you are using one sheet of paper folded to actually be four pages in the book it will present other issues. I have made a couple of hand made books but I printed the images digitally on archival dual coated paper.

Hope this helps... others may do things differently but this has worked for me.