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As a person who's rebuilt engines on my own and of course heard the common lines along "you'll shoot your eye out!" I can attest to this type of thing.

Yep the Leicaphiles seem to be particularly paranoid about this - but they also believe there is an implicit magic in both the cameras and lenses (disclaimer: I do love my M4+Summicron). Speaking of which, I might have to crack open the Summicron as oil on the blades has migrated to the rear element and I'm not really into the whole diffusion effect. Any gotchas I should know about? As you can probably tell, there is zero documentation out there (only the chosen ones are allowed to fix these lenses).
Which Summicron? I have to take my 8 element 35 apart every once in a while to clean out a very slight haze that builds up. It is straightforward, but there are a couple shims to make note of. I seem to recall that the 6 element 35 was very simple. The 50 DR is also straightforward as best I remember, I haven't had any reason to take my newer 50 apart so don't know much about that.