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How do you make 1L of stabilizer with the 25ml botlle from the kit? The instrutions indicates that for 250ml solution one must use 225m of water and the 25ml of stab. For one liter is 100ml of stab.
This really confused me as well. I bought the 20 roll kit and it only came with 50ml of the stab and indicated it needed 100ml for 1L stab. Everything else came with enough for 1L mixes. I was mixing 500ml at a time so I just used the whole 50ml for my 500ml mix (450ml water + 50ml stab). I just assumed that the whole 50ml would last long enough for 20 rolls. I have no idea what you would do for a full 1000ml mix.

Maybe there is an issue with there packaging, or they want you to buy the bigger kit if you use L mixes