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But before I take the plunge, I have a few questions:
Okay, I'll chime in (YMMV...I suck anyway so don't pay too much attention to me
1. Is Tiffen high quality?
Well, the movie industry uses them on their very expensive movie cameras and create multi-million dollar movies with them
2. If I purchased more expensive brands, could I tell a difference in the printed image?
Maybe, maybe not. I would lean towards "maybe not" since you didn't mention the size you are printing. Maybe you would for 8' tall murals.
3. If I purchased less expensive "generic" brand, could I tell a difference in the printed image?
Same above.
4. Any other brand recommendations?
For 35mm, and you are not making a ton of money by selling your images, get anything

I used to think that if I bought B+W filters from Germany, my B&W images would be great. I've now, for some reason, amassed a bunch of filters (same types, yellow or yellow green) and I use them all the time. I have NO idea, zippo, nada, on which one I used. Did I use the $20 B+W filter or the $3 dollar one from the junk bin.