They call that flood washing a shutter. Instead of using lighter fluid get some Coleman camp stove liquid fuel. It evaporates faster n leaves no residue. After soaking, it may need a light lube on the gear pins using a light watch oil or some music trumpet valve oil. You apply just a tiny pin dot of it at eash seat. At rub joints you use the tinest smear of lithium grease. Most times the shutter will work right out of the bath after dryiong for a couple hours, old shutter run dry anyway n need very little to get em going again.

To fully clean a shutter, it is best to strip it down n clean each n every component. It is labor intensive but insures everything is clean of old gunked up lube, where the flood method can leave some old undisolved lube beind.

In your old camera it may not make any difference if you flood clean or strip, how anal you want to get is up to you but you will have a great experiance once you hear that baby purring at 1 sec.