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I have had two lots of chemicals posted from A-G photographic last month, both 5 litre kits. One took less than a week to arrive, the other 2 weeks. If you order B&W chemicals apparently they are more problematic for Matthew at A-G photographic to send. So I ordered the B&W chemicals from PRA in Perth and guess what? Been waiting for 4 weeks. So I contacted them last week and it will be another 3 weeks for delivery. I too have given up on Vanbar.
There weren't any B&W chemicals in the order although it's a bit bizarre that they would be more problematic to ship than colour - perhaps it's something to do with the packaging rather than the contents. The good news is both packages finally arrived. Both were shipped on the 28th Feb, the first arrived on the 14th March, the second on the 20th. Both had a nice orange sticker saying they couldn't be shipped by air, surface only, which was dated the 28th Feb. This was covered by another sticker saying something like "Checked parcs, ok to fly" which wasn't dated. Basically it looks like they were pulled until Matthew had their account manager chase it up and determine they could actually ship the things via air. I'm still going to chase up the Kodak components when I can as the Fuji E-6 kit is formaldehyde free which I'm not convinced is as stable but nothing a soak in the Kodak C-41 stabilizer won't fix.