Paul and Rick, thank you.

In your old camera it may not make any difference if you flood clean or strip, how anal you want to get is up to you but you will have a great experiance once you hear that baby purring at 1 sec.

I won't be very anal about this. This is an exercise to learn a bit about maintainence in a low risk situation. But you know, I have been seduced by these old folders and it sure would be cool to be able to take this one out for a spin knowing I brought it back to life. It came from one of those "I know nothing about cameras" sellers with lousy blurry pictures and 5 seconds after clicking the bid button I was regretting the purchase. It was only $10, but aside from a small hole in the bellows, it is in remarkably good shape. It looks like it was never used.

Take precautions not to get it all up inside the glass.

With me doing this, if it can get all up inside the glass, it will get all up inside the glass.