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I wanted to find some big box store nearby that sends to Dwayne to cut down on shipping costs, does anyone know: Boston area?
You didn't say whether you shoot E-6, C-41, or B+W film. The E-6 Fuji mailers that are available from B&H have Dwayne's address on them. Wal-Mart contracts with Fuji to do their send-out processing, so it is logical to assume that at least the E-6 through Wal-Mart's send-out ends up at Dwayne's. I've not had any problems sending E-6 through Wal-Mart's send-out (though I do mark the special instructions box and note that it is E-6 film not C-41 to make sure it goes through the right process). Not sure about the C-41 or B+W, though I've sent some C-41 through their send-out and the quality has been reasonably good. C-41 is back in 3-6 days, add a week on to that for E-6.

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