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Frame numbers etc. are Ilford.
That is hard to tell. When AGFA Photo closed The rumor is that there their packaging equipment was sold, with one line travelling across the channel to Harman, and the other travelling across Germany to Maco. These are Computer controlled and so the Markings can be any arbitrary text, and the numbers will look identical for film packaged in any of the three locations. Current Ilford brand film has numbering that resembles the last of the AGFA brand stuff. I recall that Simon from Harman acknowledged that they were happy to make a lucky purchase of a fairly new Packaging line form the liquidators.

Of course if the film is being bought as frame numbered bulk, it would also have those numbers.

Kentmere 100 (aka Ilford Pan 100
It is not clear that the Kentmere is the same as Ilford Pan. Simon indicated that it was a new formula, as they did not want to break their policy of not private labelling their own products. Ilford Pan 100 and 400 are special lines sold in "Certain Countries" where the "distribution conditions are not ideal" And are possibly sold at a different price than the Normal HP5+ FP4+ line. I have not tried the Ilford pan 100, but the Pan 400 does not have anywhere near the same development recommendations as the Kentmere 400. the roll I got from a dealer in asia does have a bit of resemblance to the HP5 of Old.