I "upgraded" from a film SLR to a digital P&S back in 2001. In 2010 I built a Populist 35mm pinhole camera. That was the beginning of my return to film. I upgraded back to my film SLR in March 2011. I shot both until my digital P&S got wet. Now I use my film SLR for everything photographic.

My son has had a digital P&S since Christmas 2010. It's a Kodak C182, and he's taken quite a few pictures with it and has a pretty good eye. He likes his camera, but I sensed some jealousy when he saw what I was getting out of my manual focus and auto focus film SLRs and a cheap Vivitar slide projector.

During the 2011-2012 school year we started giving him money for good grades on his report card (I'm not above bribing the kids to do well in school!) I fell behind on getting the money to him, and so this week I asked him if he would like to have a camera like mine, or would he rather have the money. No hesitation - he asked for a camera like mine. When I asked him if he would rather shoot print film or slide film, again no hesitation. He wants to shoot slides.

Needless to say we have a Pentax SLR, lens, and camera strap (gotta have that so he doesn't drop the camera) on the way from KEH. We also have 5 rolls of Provia 100F slide film on the way from B&H. I will teach him to zoom in before focusing first, then rule of thirds and some other compositional stuff. The technical side of things will come a bit later (my two favorite modes on SLRs are Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority, with the third being Manual. I do tend to use the program mode for flash photos).

I'm looking forward to sharing some of his film photos soon.