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I love other photographers saying the use a Rolleiflex, they make good pix very easy somehow and I shall return to mine when I next travel - I hereby urge every Rolle owner to not sell to a collector, only other photographers
Just after the new year, I took my Rollei on vacation to Greenville, South Carolina. I went walking around downtown Greenville with it one Saturday afternoon.

I have NEVER had so many people notice the camera and comment on it as on that day. I could not walk 100 yards without somebody noticing, giving the "thumbs up" or saying, "Hey! Nice camera!" I got stopped or fell into conversation with no less than six people during that afternoon. A couple of them were decent looking college girls, too!

Too bad I'm married!
My wife was with me that day and she was not amused.

It is worthy to note that Greenville is home to the Greenville Arts Center and the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts. So, there's a high concentration of art students and visual artists there. Greenville is the only place I have gone in recent memory where I have not had the feeling that people make negative assumptions about me because I have an "old" camera that shoots film.

Regardless, here's a tip for you unattached guys out there:
Buy, beg, borrow or steal a Rolleiflex and learn how to use it! They're chick magnets!