I've met a lot of film-only photographers who have all kinds of idiotic ideas about digital because, frankly, they don't know how to do it. Taking pictures with a digital camera is easy, the processing of the image is a totally new skill set that involves learning software (like Photoshop and Lightroom), learning about monitor calibrating and color managing printing. This stuff is not easy, and people who have taken the time and put in the effort to learn it are not 'too stupid to shoot film' or any other silly insults you want to throw.

I have shot film since I was 8 years old, and done my own processing since I was 15. I'm still shooting film, still doing my own processing. About 10 years ago, I began having serious health issues from breathing the chemicals in the darkroom when I print, despite having a good ventilation system in my darkroom. I was young, about 25, and did not need to die for my art (I had a very young son who is 15 yrs old now and very glad his dad is still here for him). I got a patron to buy me a Nikon LS-8000ED scanner and I got Photoshop and a book on it and began to teach myself. Believe me, guys, it was NOT easy to learn that complex software and NOT easy to get prints that matched what I saw on the computer screen. It took a lot of damned hard work, just like learning the darkroom did when I was a kid.

I still shoot film, process the negs, and scan...and I get incredible prints now. It took a couple yrs of practice to get to that point. I also shoot some with a digital camera, but film still gives a better black and white photo in my opinion. I use the digi mainly for commercial work and some color work. Film for BW. Having worked with both, I appreciate that both film and digital require deep skillsets that take a long time to learn to do right. Most digital shooters shoot jpegs and use what they get out of the camera. Doing it right requires shooting RAW and processing the file to get the right color, contrast, etc. I agree that most digital shooters don't know how or are too lazy to do that, but it does not mean that you cannot get good work from digital or that all digital shooters are dumb and lazy.

A lot of film-only guys don't understand this. I understand you sticking with what you know best if it gives the results you want. Ultimately the final image, not the camera used, is what matters....but don't slam others for their choice of medium. It just makes you look narrow minded.