Thank you all for a very helpful input.

Thanks to Dan and Ian's experience, I will test dry mounting on paper.

For those of you who were concerned about the thickness of the paper or other practical issues. It is possible to accommodate with any sort of thickness when bookbinding. And the stiffness of a page is not an issue as long as it can be opened perfectly flat. So far, I have developed different solutions towards mounting and presenting photographs and the binding of the pages. My bookmaking strategy is always guided by the photographs themselves that somehow drives the presentation, format and eventually, the book concept itself. Such a handmade book has a soul, and is intrinsically unique.
The thickest I have bound was mount-board itself, in small and large format. This was not an issue.
Unfortunately, there is no literature dedicated to bookbinding for photographs and photo books other than the typical photo album. So I had to research a lot in existing bookbinding literature, notably single page sawing, and single page assembly to create my own bookbinding strategies and solutions.

As all my book projects are very well documented, after my next project which hopefully will use dry mounting successfully, may be it could be of interest to put together an article on APUG on hand made photo-books.